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Lloyd Alexander

There are many authors who have been important to me, but one stands out.


Lloyd Alexander.


His books, “The Chronicles of Prydain”, are among my favorites. 


When I was young they helped see me through dark times.  


When I was older, I sat on the floor and read them to my daughter as she toddled about her room.  When I reached those powerful moments all readers of Alexander know, Sofia would walk up to me and place her hand on my shoulder and look deep into my teary eyes.  I hope the power and beauty of his words reached her and became a part of her in those moments.  I think they did.


I also read The Hobbit and Narnia to her at that time, but the Alexander was the only one where I cried while reading.  The feeling the ending gives stayed with me for a long time, it is there still, and is as profound as anything else I have ever read.


I saw a documentary film where Alexander talks about the chronicles and where the characters came from.  Most importantly to me, he talked about how he had written books for adults for many years, but when he started writing “so-called children’s books”, the feeling content was more deep, more profound, more meaningful.


This hit a powerful node in my being.  I spent years since creating works for young audiences and families…and now have finished the first series of my original inspiration from years ago, Tales Of The Ocean City.  I still continue with my ‘serious art pieces’, after years of investment one cannot merely toss them away, but now I am focused on my fantasy works, which include hours of some my favorite music of mine in the audio albums.  Perhaps you are hearing some of it now.


I want to thank Lloyd Alexander for helping me in this life direction.  I have found the same rewards in the work!


What fantasy authors have inspired you?

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  1. Paul Groh

    That’s a lovely tribute to Lloyd Alexander and his work. I’ll never forget seeing Disney’s “The Black Cauldron” with you when it came out in 1985. I read the Chronicles of Prydain about ten years ago, and it might be time to revisit them.

    As for fantasy writers who have inspired me, well, I discovered H. P. Lovecraft when I was seventeen, and I was spellbound by his imagination and use of language. I should also mention L. Sprague DeCamp, who also wrote a large body of science fiction and non-fiction (including the definitive biography of Lovecraft). DeCamp’s fiction is clever, fast-paced, action-packed, often humorous, and full of interesting ideas. I can honestly say I have thoroughly enjoyed everything I have ever read of his.

    • Christopher

      Hello Master Groh,

      Thanks for reminding of early experiences with friends and fantasy! Yes, I suggest another go with the assistant pig keeper! The link to the film I mentioned with Alexander speaking about writing for young people is below (at about the ten minute mark)…quite profound for me…what a wonderful person he was!

      Yes – I am also a big fan of Lovecraft and will do a blog on that very soon…feel free to add more on that if you wish…:) – I’ll have to check out DeCamp! Thanks!

      • Paul Groh

        As for DeCamp’s fantasy fiction, I think you’d like the Harold Shea stories, a set of five novellas written in collaboration with Fletcher Pratt, about a 20th-century psychologist who finds himself trapped in various literary fantasy worlds: those of Norse myth, Edmund Spenser’s “The Faerie Queene”, etc. I also recommend the novel “The Tritonian Ring” and the “Reluctant King” trilogy. I suspect there are some amazing used bookstores in New York where you would have no trouble finding them!

        • Christopher

          Thanks Pgroh,
          Sounds fantastic… I will certainly check it out!…

  2. Terry Hale

    Much like one of the reviewers of this series on Amazon, I came from a very small town and grew up with Lewis and Tolkien. I had never heard of Lloyd Alexander until yesterday when looking at this site from your Facebook post.

    I am most definitely going to get the set and dive in! Thanks for the random introduction.

    • Christopher

      Hey Terry…hope you joined and received your free music… 🙂

      And yes – you are about to enter a special world…The Chronicles of Prydain are pretty special..and mean so much to me and so many others. Feel free to visit the video referenced in Paul Groh’s comments above…

      Welcome!… let us know what you come away with…


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